We keep educational inequality on society's agenda

We have the most impact when we speak as one. We use our collective voice to ensure that the critical issue of educational inequality is a prominent one in the media, and the minds of politicians and the public.

We also measure progress against each of our the Fair Education Impact Goals through the publication of our annual report card, which quantifies the gap between the most and least advantaged children.

The Fair Education Alliance is at the frontline in this battle and I wholeheartedly support its efforts to elevate the importance of narrowing the attainment gap... when it comes to closing the attainment gap, we will be with the Fair Education Alliance every step of the way.
— Tristram Hunt, Former Shadow Education Secretary

We connect organisations

We bring together organisations with similar goals to share resources, amplify each others voices, and achieve more in partnership than they can alone.

We host a number of events throughout the year where organisations big and small from all sectors can network, build new links, and swap ideas.

Our annual summit sees more than 100 of our members debate the priorities areas for action, and decide on what we can do to have the biggest impact.

We drive change

Pooling our collective resources, expertise and experience, we drive change in critical areas that we know will reduce educational inequality. Our coalition has identified three key priorities for 2018 onwards, that we believe need to be achieved to make a step change in enabling every child to fulfil their potential.

We are drawing on evidence and best practice that has worked in closing the gaps in pockets across the country. We now want to spread this knowledge to impact every child in every area. Critically, this is not about re-inventing the wheel and it is not brand-new thinking.

Three key priorities

1) World-class teachers and transformative leaders for all UK schools: particularly in the most disadvantaged areas.

2) An education system which develops and values the whole child: where we value and promote development of emotional and social competencies, mental health and wellbeing alongside academic attainment.

3) Joined up support for all post-16 destination routes: to give every child a choice about their future.