We Drive Collective Action

We support key organisations from across society to take effective action to tackle problems faced by children and young people from low socio-economic backgrounds.



For each of our three key focus areas, we convene a project group of experts drawn from our membership and our wider network. Together, they identify barriers to progress, and devise and implement strategies to overcome them.

A recent success of our coalition building is Enabling Enterprise's Skills Builder Partnership, which now involves over 60 organisations, many of whom are FEA members, and has supported over 200,000 children to date.


Our 120 members face common challenges, and in many cases the answers to these already exist within our network. We leverage this expertise through an annual peer learning conference and a series of thematic round table events that bring together our members and influential stakeholders. They learn from each other and extend their networks, and build their capacity, ultimately leading to greater organisational impact.


We facilitate a one year fellowship for representatives from various sectors and backgrounds to pilot systemic solutions in education. Fellows increase their understanding of system change, deepen cross-sector relationships and develop their leadership to create and embed lasting systemic solutions.

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