We Influence Policy

We ensure that effective government policy supports disadvantaged children in all parts of the country.

Working with Government

We work collaboratively with government bodies, including Ofsted, the DfE and the Social Mobility Commission, to support their strategy development and connect them with the work and expertise of our members. Our work with the Office for Students in 2018 influenced their recommendations to universities on the use of contextualised data in admissions.


We influence policy through targeted campaigns and media opportunities, drawing on the knowledge and expertise of our members to push for solutions we know work. Our 2017 campaign for schools to have designated careers leaders saw £4m set aside for this in the Government's careers strategy, and our 2018 recommendations for a focus on teacher retention were adopted in the DfE's Recruitment and Retention Strategy.

Building the Evidence Base

We produce an annual state of the nation report card measuring inequality from primary through to tertiary education. We also publish reports throughout the year in collaboration with our members, with our recommendations for change in key areas. These have received widespread news coverage.