Together we can have more impact

The reasons for this educational inequality are not simple, and lie in an intricate web of social issues. Addressing such complex problems will take more than one institution, one organisation, or even one government. We believe that by combining the passion, talent and ideas of educationalists, charities and business we can offer a strong collective voice that creates a lasting impact on young people’s lives.

As proud members of the Fair Education Alliance, we believe that our collective success as a country depends on every child receiving a great education. This means we all have a stake in education fairness, and we should all care in particular about the outcomes of those from the poorest backgrounds.
— Russell Hobby, Chief Executive, Teach First

We want to grow the number of individuals and organisations collaborating to achieve the Fair Education Impact Goals, including family organisations, businesses, third sector organisations and think-tanks.

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If you are an individual, or would like to support our work without joining, there are lots of other ways you can help.