The Secretariat

Sam Butters, CEO


Sam has ten years of experience in strategy, business and organisational leadership, and is committed to having a social impact and creating a fairer world.

She previously led on Teach First's strategy and planning, delivering strategic projects and organisational change across regional offices in England and Wales. Through this she became a passionate advocate for collective action to tackle educational inequality. Before Teach First, Sam was a management consultant with Deloitte focusing on strategy and operations in the public sector. In particular leading projects on funding and regulation in Higher Education and work around adult skills and welfare.



Joseph Dudley, Communications and Membership Manager

Joseph has extensive experience working with charities. As a student he led UKSEDS, the national student space society, where he built, a careers website for young people. He won a Prime Minister’s Point of Light Award in 2017 and a Sir Arthur Clarke Award in 2016, both for outstanding work with charities. He previously worked as a Maths teacher, and as Director of Operations at Turinglab, an ed-tech start-up.

Joseph is responsible for supporting Sam with her organisation and administration tasks, and managing the Alliance's communications to support its member organisations in progress towards the Fair Education Impact Goals.