Innovation Award

Incubating new ventures that bring neW ideas to solve inequality

Every day, children are left behind in our education system due to complex and entrenched problems. We need solutions that tackle the root causes of urgent problems by utilising new approaches, tools and technology – thinking about what’s possible and what's needed in our current and future world. We believe that people closest to the problem have great solutions and we want to empower them to fill these gaps in our education landscape through high-quality support.


We use the latest research and evidence to identify areas where innovation is most needed. Then we find and support individuals with big ideas to tackle these issues.

• We award up to five Innovators with one year of intensive support and six months’ salary to develop, pilot and establish a new venture. We invest at an early stage so that they can go full-time to quickly establish a proof of concept.

• Our training and mentoring supports them through the innovation process, including conducting in-depth problem research, human centred design, rapid piloting and effective monitoring and evaluation.

• We provide a blend of training and mentoring, peer support from the cohort, and expert guidance from FEA members and supporters. This unique approach ensures that we leverage the best knowledge and networks for each situation.

• FEA members gain direct access and insight into these new approaches and ventures, enhancing collaboration within the sector.