A coalition of over 100 organisations working together to make education fair

The reasons for this educational inequality are not simple, and lie in an intricate web of social issues. Addressing such complex problems will take more than one institution, one organisation, or even one government. We believe that by working together, learning from each other, sharing evidence and amplifying our efforts through our networks we can drive change more quickly.

Our alliance is made up of businesses, charities, and educational bodies from across the country, each of whom has signed up to work towards achieving the five Fair Education Impact Goals, which follow the educational journey of a child from primary school through to higher education and employment.

We work together to tackle educational inequality at a local and national level. We monitor the gap between the most disadvantaged children and their wealthier peers, and use our collective voice and resources to end educational inequality.

We are delighted to be part of the Alliance. It allows us to make a difference in a more concerted way and offers the chance to learn from others, which we value highly.
— Andrew Ballheimer, Global Managing Partner, Allen & Overy

Our vision is of an education system where no child’s educational success is limited by their socio-economic background. This is a world where disadvantage no longer determines literacy and numeracy rates at primary school, GCSE attainment at secondary school, the emotional wellbeing and resilience of young people, participation in further education, or university graduation.