We Scale Impactful Solutions

We help effective solutions reach every child who can benefit from them. We do this by scaling existing programmes and nurturing innovation to solve entrenched problems.


We scale existing solutions within our member organisations that have a proven impact. We provide two years of tailored support to develop their effectiveness, sustainability and leadership. Since 2013, the Innovation Unit has provided bespoke support to a select group of social enterprises, helping them deepen their impact and scale. In total, the Unit has supported 27 innovative educational ventures, including First Story, The Brilliant Club and The Access Project, to work with over 4,000 schools.


Entrenched problems need new solutions. We nurture innovation in two ways: our Intrapreneurship Award supports our members to innovate internally, whilst our Innovation Award supports and selects this highest potential ideas from the public.

Each award supports up to five individuals to go full-time on developing their idea with six months’ salary and one year of intensive and bespoke support. Our training and mentoring supports them through the entire innovation process, including conducting in-depth problem research, human centred design, rapid piloting, and effective monitoring and evaluation. Additionally, we facilitate peer-support from within the cohorts and broker expert advice from our network of members and supporters.

The Innovation Unit has incubated 24 organisations, many of whom are now members of the FEA, such as Franklin Scholars and The Difference.

innovation award.jpg

“I can honestly say that without winning

the award, Boromi wouldn’t exist. Working

as a teacher I would never have had the

opportunity to grow it. The last year has had

some big challenges, but the Innovation

Unit have supported me and made sure

Boromi is as impactful as possible.”