Peer Learning

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“It’s not just that we’re talking to other

people who’ve figured it out like we have,

to kind of fix things a bit intuitively, we’re

actually talking with people who can really

help us break it down, draw from a wealth

of experience and help us think through

problems more strategically.”


Building organisational capacity and expanding networks

Our 130 members face common challenges, ranging from setting up the best organisational structure through to how to influence policy. In many cases, the answers already exist within our network. However, it’s often hard to know which organisation to approach and who within an organisation is best placed to provide support.


We bring our members together for tailored events to share their expertise. Through our annual peer learning conference and quarterly roundtables, attendees build their capacity and extend their networks to deepen their impact and scale.

• We organise an annual peer learning conference to help build practical knowledge and expand our members' networks. The conference is open to all their staff, giving them the opportunity to build meaningful connections with a wide range of attendees.

• We run roundtables on thematic issues determined by our members. This gives them the chance to increase their knowledge of topics they care most about, to share best practice and identify opportunities for collaboration.

• We conduct member audits to understand where members have expertise to share, and the specific areas where they’d like support.

• We map our members’ reach to highlight areas ripe for collaboration to help each other scale or partner.