Gap Education, Challenge Partners and Ladies Who L-EARN join the Fair Education Alliance

The Fair Education Alliance is delighted to announce that Gap Education, Challenge Partners and Ladies Who L-EARN have joined the Fair Education Alliance, a coalition made up of leading UK organisations to address the persistent educational achievement gap between young people from the poorest communities and their wealthier peers.

  • Gap Education is a social enterprise set up by former headteacher, Quentin Gunderson, in response to the challenge of closing the achievement gap. They provide a variety of services to families to increase their resilience and aspiration.
  • Challenge Partners is a charity owned and run by schools with the belief that excellence in education comes from schools working in partnership with one another. They facilitate constructive collaboration between over 300 schools. 
  • Ladies Who L-EARN offers a creative enterprise and employment skills development programme for young women that consists of workshops, a mentoring scheme, and paid work placements. Asma Shah, CEO of Ladies Who L-EARN, said: "Through our work at Ladies Who L-EARN, we've seen first-hand the impact that a poor education has on communities and we recognise that a great deal needs to be done nationally to address this issue, specifically in relation to women and BME people. We've joined the Fair Education Alliance to contribute to that fight!"

Lewis Iwu, Director of the Fair Education Alliance, said: “These organisations are doing great work to close the educational achievement gap and we’re very pleased to have them on board. They will undoubtedly be invaluable additions to our growing movement.”

The Fair Education Alliance will publish their state of the nation report on April 13..