The Fair Education Alliance’s response to the Spending Review

We welcome the review of the national funding formula and we look forward to working with the government during the consultation period next year.

More broadly, the Fair Education Alliance believes that a one nation economy must be one where every child has access to a quality education, irrespective of parental earnings. Furthermore, investing in reducing the education gap between disadvantaged children and their wealthier peers is an investment for the future - it benefits the wider economy.

By failing to close this gap, our country is at risk of paying twice over – firstly for a child’s education and again when we have to address the consequences of failure. Our alliance will take a close look at today’s statement and its implications for the nation’s aim of achieving an equitable education system by 2022. We will be launching a strategy in the New Year to help ensure that every child has a fair shot at life in light of the challenges education faces over the next few years.