Intrapreneurship Award

Supporting FEA members to develop internal innovation

FEA members have invaluable experience and insights in supporting children and young people from low-income backgrounds – from frontline delivery staff to school leaders and community convenors. They have first-hand knowledge about the root causes of educational inequality, and have great ideas to address them. However, internal innovation faces two barriers: capacity and resources. The UK's ecosystem incentivises new entities to start up, but we also need to unleash the potential of internal innovation, reducing the amount of duplication and leveraging existing organisational infrastructure.


We foster internal innovation within a group of FEA member organisations through seed funding and intensive support.

• Intrapreneurs receive one year of intensive support and six months’ salary to develop, pilot and embed a new programme in their organisation.

• The salary allows a lead employee to dedicate time and resource to developing the new solution, whilst enhancing their leadership skills. Our training and mentoring supports them through the entire innovation process, including conducting in-depth problem research, human centred design, rapid piloting and effective monitoring and evaluation.

• We provide a blend of training, peer support from the cohort, and expert guidance from our members and supporters. This unique approach ensures that we leverage the best knowledge and networks for each situation.