Grammar Schools Campaign

In September 2016, following news that the Government was planning to lift the ban on the creation new grammar schools, we launched a national campaign of opposition including an opposition rally and the publication of an open letter in The Times. In June 2017, it was announced that the government had abandoned its plans to create a new wave of grammar schools.

We strongly believe that an expansion of grammar schools would lead to worse outcomes for the majority of children, especially the poorest. Grammar schools select only a tiny proportion of children for the best education, leaving others with a second rate choice.

Even with quotas, poorer children will have a harder job of getting into these schools. And for the overwhelming majority of children who don’t get in, the evidence is clear that they get worse grades and a worse education. The money being set aside for grammar schools is a significant resource which could be far better invested in the things which are proven to make a difference to the most disadvantaged young people.

In May 2018, we were again vocal when it was announced that funding would be made available for existing grammar schools to expand. We released a further statement in August 2018 when the BBC published analysis which showed that grammar school places in England had grown by more than 11,000 since 2010.