Cross-Sector Fellowship


Deepening relationships and sharing knowledge to create systemic solutions

Entrenched problems in education have roots in areas such as housing, transport and healthcare. Almost a third of children in the UK live in poverty, meaning they are often cold and hungry, struggling to stay focused on their work at school and at home.

However, oftentimes educational outcomes are treated in silos and cross-sector collaboration is hindered by lack of capacity, time and leadership. This means that many solutions treat the symptoms of educational inequality, allowing the root causes to continue to manifest. Although many actors want to collaborate, their focus is on immediate deliverables and as such, they deprioritise building relationships and solutions to facilitate system change.

cross-sector fellowship.png


We facilitate a one-year fellowship for representatives from different sectors to create and pilot systemic solutions in education.

Upon finishing the fellowship, we ensure the integration of these solutions within the sector through our network and members.

• We award a group of fellows with one year of training and a stipend to support them to dedicate 20% of their time to the fellowship.

• We help fellows to build a greater understanding of systemic change, deepen cross-sector relationships, develop their individual and collective leadership, and pilot a systemic solution.

• After the pilot, we support the fellows to embed these solutions within the sector using our extensive network of members and partners.