Grammar Schools: Campaign Pack 

These resources are designed to help you engage with our campaign on grammar schools. Please note that these materials are only meant to serve only as a guide to how you can help. 

The FEA Briefing on Social Mobility and Selection

The ArgumentsA document that provides an overview of the key arguments against the creation of new grammar schools

Joint Letter from Senior Leaders

The Evidence: A document that lays out the key pieces of evidence in relation to grammar schools

FAQA guide to a number of commonly asked questions

How you can helpA document that outlines the steps that you can take to get involved in the campiagn

Draft Letter: A template letter that you can adapt and then send on to your MP

Find Your MP: A resource that helps you to find the contact details of your local MP

Tweetable Graphics: Click the following links to tweet using useful infographics

1.        Tweet this  (Academic selection creates winners and losers #allchildrenmatter https://pic.twitter.com/cXT0eJEZFT)

2.       Tweet this (Resources flow to grammar schools #allchildrenmatter https://pic.twitter.com/PwbX7yE5Nb)

3.     Tweet this (Poor children are less likely to get into grammar schools #allchildrenmatter https://pic.twitter.com/dkQr6oNfQU)

4.       Tweet this (Academic selection increases inequalities in outcomes #allchildrenmatter https://pic.twitter.com/FjSoOrSDeY)

You can find all of these infographics in this deck