Making a big impact over the next two years

 There are four areas of focus where we can make significant progress on over the next 18 months:

  1. Early Years: No child should be left behind. We will support the work of the Read On Get On coalition to improve the quality of early years provision. We have a real opportunity to give every child a fair start in life and we believe we can make progress by raising awareness of the importance of early years and achieving meaningful policy change.
  2. Quality careers and destination advice by highly trained professionals: We believe that impartial information, advice and guidance can have a big impact on the choices young people make at critical moments in their life, helping to close the gap on IG3, IG4 and IG5. This is especially true for the most disadvantaged students. We will work together to transform the life chances of the poorest in our country by ensuring that every child fully understands the pathways open to them.
  3. Teaching and Leadership: The quality of teaching and leadership is what brings about progress across the system. Our goal is to ensure that all schools have exposure to and understanding of those examples of best practice that have transformed the performance of schools even in the toughest circumstances. 
  4. Measurement: We must address the challenges in measuring of progress in schools due changes in key assessments at school entry, end of primary, GCSE and A level. We will also focus on creating consensus on an approach to measuring wellbeing and resilience.

More details about our 2016-17 strategy can be found here:

Fair Education Alliance: 2016-17 Strategy